This is our work for Expotalent ShowcaseWireframe Desc Wireframe ideas Wireframe Doc Wireframe Desc (1) Wireframes-Presentation User_Story User_Access_Diagram Mock Poster 1 Interview-PowerPoint (5) Minutes for Meeting 010221 Minutes for Meeting 120221 Minutes for Meeting Minutes for Meeting040221 Anti-Social Behavior App Brighter-Future-Portal (3) Ideas-Presentation (1) Requirement List Software we will use Standards and Procedures BCS Target audience User Persona Draft-Idea-1-GeorgeR
Gabriel Cameron App Ideas RDS Design Document – George Richardson T7036397 (1) Legal,Social and Ethical Issues for App Curriculum vitae Behaviour Portal App scam feature App Competitors us-charities homeless_prep Sandeep_CV App Ideas Kian App Ideas Draft-Idea-1-GeorgeR
Idea Mobile Application Ideas CV copy new Feb 21 Gabriel Cameron CV Jacob Westray CV Kevin Carter CV APP ideas Jacob us-charities Sandeep_CV homeless_prep Gabriel Cameron CV Jacob Westray CV Kevin Carter CV CV copy new Feb 21 Mobile Application Ideas Idea Draft-Idea-1-GeorgeR
App Ideas App Ideas Kian APP ideas Jacob

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