The New Music Show


There is a lot of new music floating around the internet and other radio stations.

Let Ellie and Eden pick the best and fill your ears with it along with the best of the latest music news.

An aspiring media producer with experience working in live and recorded production environments for both TV, Radio and Online.

Experience with Blackmagic and NewTek production tools, Adobe Creative Cloud, Final Cut Pro, Pro Tools and a range of camera and audio systems.

I have a background as an experienced customer service professional, I lead by example and thrive on delivering exceptional customer satisfaction. Experienced in leading teams to excellence in a variety of backgrounds and working environments.

I am interested in technologies of all types, keeping abreast of the latest developments augmented with the knowledge gained in my past career in telecommunications and electronics.

I enjoy reading and music as well as watching sport in my spare time.


  • Wednesday - 12:00 pm - 2:00 pm


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