Throughout our travels travels around India, we have visited so many beautiful places. One of our favourites was Udaipur. The comparatively small city was full of history and culture along with some amazing architecture that we were all in awe of.


Simon Lynch and Ronan Paterson in the main courtyard next to the entrance to the city palace. The palace towers over the city and can be seen for miles around.


Archways were a big feature of the architecture that we have come across.


Once inside the main structure, mirrors reflected the natural light into the rooms.


Ornate carvings covered pillars and archways who’s beauty could only be truly appreciated up close.


Long corridors leading to hidden rooms.


Out of the palace and into the city, the art and culture continues, both street stall holders and licensed shops stocked local handmade works of art.


The many moustaches of Rajasthan. A work of art painted on resin found in a local shop just outside the palace.


Not all art is made in a studio. Leila carves using her hands and feet to create ornate statues.


UDAIPUR-“city of lakes… the Venice of India”


In day and night, the view shines through.

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