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Pokemon Battle!

I participated in a pokemon fanzine! (an art magazine hosted by fans to fans)

Cryslyn works as professor’s assistant and is always ready to show everyone what her trusty team can do! >:3 This illustration is a pokemon battle with a friend! (we battle with art)

Our battle will be LEGENDARY

Some more stuff featuring Cryslyn and her team! She has a typical mad scientist personality.

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A short comic! >:)

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Jing Wen NG

Hi! I'm Gwen from Malaysia :D and I love to draw high energy stuff! Course: 2nd year BA (Hons) Concept Art Current Situation: Staying in Middlesbrough, have good internet Software & Hardware Proficiencies: Photoshop and Clip Studio Paint Employment, Work Experience & Volunteering: I have done a few art commissions online and also volunteered in a national zoo if that counts Interests: Character Design, Illustration, Concept Art (Mainly 2D) Fun Fact about me: I like to make evil characters

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