About Us

Welcome to TUXtra, a multimedia platform showcasing content produced by students and volunteers from Teesside University.

We are a news outlet, a radio station and a TV platform. We also showcase the best work produced by the students of the School of Arts and Creative Industries.


The news content produced for TUXtra is primarily led by students studying Journalism and Sports Journalism degrees at Teesside University. They produce content as part of their course work and during live news days, students also submit content as part of their extra curricular activities. News content production is created with a multimedia distribution model in mind, reflecting the direction of modern journalism.


There is a long standing history of award winning student radio at Teesside University. The station is entering its 11th year and continues to produce interesting and diverse content. The radio arm of TU Xtra is lead by students and a management committee of student volunteers. The students are supported by a team of academic and technical staff from within the university. The volunteer led content is also supplemented by assessed work from Journalism, Sports Journalism students and those studying Broadcast Media Production degrees.


Teesside University has been producing award winning visual content and TUXtra acts as a showcase for this material. In addition students from Film and Television Production, Broadcast Media Production and Journalism courses produce live and recorded television content for TUXtra.


Students have access to the facilities operated by the School of Arts & Creative Industries. The majority of these are based in Athena building (TV Studio) or Student Union building (Radio Studio). Students have access to industry standard equipment; radio studios, a convergent news room, TV studios and assistance from both technical and academic staff with many years of industry experience.


TUXtra showcases the best of the work produces from around the School of Arts & Creative Industries. Students from across the school produce a diverse range of artefacts covering fields including Journalism, Film & TV Production, and Media Production.

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