Project Description

Module Deliverables

A Production Document

An Unreal level

A MP4 Playthrough video

Multiple Level beauty shots

Development Details

For this piece of work we was given a finished game and a game backstory that we would have to design a mission and a level for.

Initially I made a mood board of different areas that I could create my level in a eventually decided upon the Brazilian Favela Idea. After this I expanded my initial mood boards to cover more areas than just setting – I started looking at architecture, layouts, lighting et cetera…

After this I then moved onto my plan. Initially I planned out what I wanted to make in the favela (a housing area and a military factory), I then decided what story I would go for and how it would fit into the level that I was planning to create.

Next I began to learn how to use the systems that were built into the game such as spawning and other events, then I started to build out the level by using height maps from real life to create realistic landscapes. Following this I then began fleshing out the world and creating buildings, and crafting gameplay experiences using blueprints.

Following this I kept iterating upon my work over and over and adding new and more interesting areas to the level(s). Eventually I reached a point where I was close the the hand in date and I was also happy with the outcome of the project. There was some areas which I wanted to improve on, however they would not have been feasible as there was other work to be done at the same time on this and other projects.

Video Playthrough

This Video shows a full playthrough of the level from start to finish.

Beauty shots

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Production Documentation

Arakna Z Pre-Production


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