For my university module, I had to design characters and props based on four different highland civilizations and four different art movements. I used inspiration from cultures such as the Hmong, Tibetan, Japanese and Lanna kingdom, and combined them with various art movements to dictate the shape language.


A young female chicken caretaker was my main character for the module. The character prompt was Shepherd. I combined elements of Art Nouveau and the Vietnamese Black Hmong culture


We had to design a prop that the character could investigate. The prop had to be from a culture foreign to the shepherd, so I used art deco to contrast with the shape language on the main character. The flask was inspired by Tibet, and uses clouds to create holy water.


The shepherd had to have a vehicle that could transport them to the foreign land where she would find the prop I designed. Since Tibet is mountainous I thought the shepherd would develop a flying craft to pilot them to this land.


The final design was an unlikely companion that the shepherd would accidentally stumble upon while travelling. I chose to keep with the theme of spirits and eastern religion and create a tengu character. The character would be opposite in personality to the main character I developed so I tried to make them clash.



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