Hello and welcome to a brief overview of just one of the few modules I undertook during my final year of study on the BSc (Hons) computing course, demonstrating my skills in this area. This is just one of the multiple areas I’ve had the pleasure of working on during my final year studies and this video should hopefully explain one of my passions in the information technology field.

This module covered how to extract, transform and load data into both the SQL integration services platform, and into the Microsoft Power BI program.  We were also taught how to analyse data to make informed and effective decisions based on the data that was been generated from this process.

We also learned a wide range of SQL integration techniques and forayed into the tools that Power BI can provide in terms of user ease of certain data tasks. Once this module ended, I ended up taking a lot of these newly developed skills and am currently employing them in my final year project application process.

After this module ended, I was approached by academics who requested my assistance in helping deliver a distance learning course. I was to provide a supporting role to new students during their summer courses, who are learning to take up Power BI and data management skills for the first time and pass on the skills I have learned.


Databases and Business Intelligence
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