For my Final Year Project, I aimed to build up and put my skills to the test as I got back into animation by creating an intense fight scene between two characters. I chose this as I wanted to do a project like this for a while and this was the perfect time to dive back into Character Animation and do something that would definitely give me a challenge. To do this, I was taking a lot of inspiration from Chinese Martial Arts actors that have influenced that industry such as, Jackie Chan, Bruce Lee and Jet Li. The Idea was to take influence from their movies and then mash them into one choreographed fight scene while also taking influence from their camera work.

Another Piece of work I did is more for creating the necessary skills needed for the industry and that was by demonstrating some creature animations on a fantasy/fictional creature. I experimented with this to show the adaptation skills I have to make a non-existent animal feel and look real with its movement. My aim was to also have an understanding of creature like body mechanics and display my creative capabilities while also adding some unique character to it.

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