For my final year project, and continuing into the summer, I am making a Minecraft Clone.  It is written in C++/OpenGL.

Features include:

  • Frustum Culling
  • Thread Safe Chunk Generation
  • Collision Detection
  • Player Character
  • Block Destroy/Placement

My source code is available on request.


C++/SFML Bomberman Clone

  • Client/Authoritative server relationship
  • AI running on Server
  • Player Character

Max players 4 – AI or Humans

Video demonstration of Player VS AI:

C++/SFML Naval Combat Game. This was initially a group project, but I rewrote 80% of the code from scratch after the project hand-in and added later features.

  • Online Multiplayer
  • AI – Made by friend
  • Hex Map – Made by friend
  • Path Finding – made by friend
  • Factions
  • Turn Based
  • Win-Lose scenario
  • Resettable
  • Multiple Unit selection
  • Unit Handling
  • UI – needs work
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