Over the last year of University I’ve gained a much better idea of the scope at which games operate, from the Journeyman module where we’re asked to make a game with people from all games disciplines, to 3D graphics programming where we have to write the start of a 3D game engine from scratch. The one thing I’ve found myself doing is specialising in the different areas, one of those areas is shaders. My first brush with it was in the aforementioned 3D graphics programming where I got to grips with GLSL: a shader language for OpenGL.

But I soon moved onto Unreal Engine 4 with its incredible material graph, and so I wrote more shaders to act as post processing effects in my Journeyman game with a Cel-shader, a blur, and a pixelate effect.



Cel-Shader + Pixelate

This one was made as our Journeyman game is based on the Metal Slug and this pixelates it to the same resolution as that game

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