Hi, my name is Lewis Carter and this project is called the Reservoir Visualisation Project.

This project was done for my Computing Project module and for a client called Tracerco.

This project was created using the WPF framework with C# and was made with the purpose of taking a number of different files containing data taken from fracking wells, and using this data to reconstruct the path of the wells into the ground and then displaying data taken from each stage of the well. Such as how much oil was being pumped at that point.

The application could then show how this data changed overtime. This software could then be used with clients of my client to help them analyse the data as well as present the data in a clear and visual way for presentations and reports. Below we can see an example of the oil barrels per day being pumped out at each stage along with the timeline in the application, that can be used to change which day’s data is being displayed.

Here is a video presentation and quick run-through of how the project works.

If you liked the look of this project and are interested in discussing this or any opportunities with me, please contact me on my LinkedIn:
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