This is my 3D Diorama for my Modelling Principles Module. this diorama depicts a Floating Sky Island which has been fitted propellers to turn it into a mobile home, for module I came up with some backstory for why these islands exist:

In a world populated by Sky Islands, the inhabitants faced many challenges from their hostile surroundings, however when the Ancient Sky Travellers started to band together into a large migratory group, eventually they settled to form large settlements called the Great Colonies, however such large clusters of people has lead to equally massive resources requirements, this is why a common lifestyle among the islands is to be a farmer/miner of sky islands, which then they would trade with the big settlements. A lot of this work would take place on long voyages aboard a sky ship, with them mostly scavenging smaller islands, however some people wanted a more stable home, which is why they would colonize a smaller island and fit it with engines, so that island could travers the sky and so they could still do their job, but still the have ability to live in their home.

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