The Teesmouth national reserve is a goldmine for keen naturalists.

Located along the A178 south of Seaton Carew, lies Seal Sands, a truly remarkable spot for those wishing to catch a glimmer of the nature that Teesside has to offer.

Home to two species of seal (grey and common), the mud flats in and around the mouth of the River Tees provides the perfect habitat for these mammals to thrive.

Although this area is surrounded by heavy chemical and nuclear industry, the seals continue to return, and at a low tide it is common to see up to 100 seals lazing along the river banks.

Between the months of October and January, you can expect to see new arrivals among the colony, as the females give birth to a single pup.

The nature reserve is also a hotspot for bird watchers, with special spectator areas located along the main road so that you may take in the beauty of the wildlife from a safe distance.

The seals have resided here for almost a century, and we can only hope this beautiful ecosystem continues to flourish.


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