The award winning multi-venue Middlesbrough music festival has made its return to the town.

The award-winning multi- venue festival

Twisterella which was launched in 2014, has established itself as a ‘must go’ event for new music discovery, giving attendees the chance to get up close and personal with local talent in a plethora of venues in the heart of Teesside.

Names including HYYTS, Twist Helix, The Howl & The Hum, and Dream Nails performed at the festival.

These venues included; TSOne, Teesside University Students’ Union, The Townhouse and The Westgarth Social Club, and ‘pop up’ sessions in bars and pubs on both Baker Street and Bedford street.

Twisterella performance schedule

Kicking off the festival at the Teesside Student Union we’re Glasgow-based electropop duo HYTTS. The band, who has over 31,000 monthly Spotify listeners, sang their biggest hits at the SU including ‘SOS‘ and ‘Bullet’ which attracted a large crowd of supporters.

Glaswegian duo HYYTS taking the stage at the Teesside Student Union

One of Twisterella’s loyal fans Wilf Gill said: “I met some guys on the train from Scotland, traveling from Darlington to Middlesbrough. They had a keyboard and guitar in hand, and I even shared a taxi from the station to Southfield road with them…it turned out to be HYTTS who kicked off Twisterella!”

“What awesome personalities and music they produced, definitely ones to watch. I absolutely love their 80’s vibes.

“Twisterella for me is the choice of multiple venues and performers for one price. I love the fact that I might just discover my next favourite band.”

Another of the fan’s firm favourites was indie rock band Talk Boy who played at Leeds and Reading Festival in 2019.

Leeds based six-piece indie rock band, Talk Boy

The Leeds-based six-piece band combined their playful indie rock with captivating melodies and vocal harmonies within their set at the Student Union.

Paul Getting’s, who has been attending the Middlesbrough-based festival since 2017 said: “I love seeing all the different bands for just one ticket price, the venues are great and the atmosphere is amazing. A brilliant local day out.”

“Some of the acts I have seen perform at Twsiterella have gone on to make it big in the music industry like Sam Fender and The Blossoms. I’ve followed some of the bands all over the country!”

Paul Getting’s, from Skelton, who has been attending the Twisterella festival since 2014

Heather Jamieson, who is a friend of Paul, said: “For me, it’s the moment when the band plays their first note and you’re just sucked into the music. These are bands I’d never normally listen to but I absolutely love finding new music this way.”

“Everyone is always in a good mood, we are all here for the same thing; to listen to good music and have a good time!”

The Howl & The Hum whom in 2017 was found on the streets of York busking, was the closing act of Twsiterella 2021.

The Howl & The Hum closing Twisterella for 2021.

The band who has just released their new album ‘Thumbs up‘ stunned the crowd with their energy and outstanding vocals to close the festival for another year.

To find out more information about the Middlesbrough-based festival please click here.

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