Caracal Shepherd

He likes birds.

This character is a mix a Egyptian and African elements, I think it was a great challenge.

The many necklaces on the shepherd are inspired by a real life traveler who will get a locally made bracelet every time she is in a new country, the amount of bracelets she’s wearing are so many they reach about halfway up her elbow.

Sketches and Moodboards!

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K-OS is read as Chaos! >:)


Qiong Qi

This character is based on one of the Four Perils (四凶) in Chinese mythology, his name is Qiong Qi (穷奇).

My idea for him is very simple. Nasty.

He’s designed to make everyone he meets VERY uncomfortable even without talking (like his sinister stare, the synchronization of pendulums ticks, and his rolling dice sounds.)

His words are evil as expected. (He reminds me of Hisoka from HunterxHunter)

Beware of having a conversation with him, your life savings might just magically disappear.


Planet Dating Simulator

the task is to make romanceable planet characters


-Previous design



-Previous design

  • Saturn SSR card


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