This project was a huge success and challenged me in many different avenues of concept art from creature design to composition and layouts.

You can gain detailed insight into the whole production of the end product (trailer) via my blog;



Ashes of EDEN is a pitch for a high-budget television series, featuring an original IP. This project will be consisted of a plethora of concept artwork featuring a range of characters, environments, creatures and key scenes. These images will be supported by development pages and lead to a final asset in the form of an animated trailer in order to ‘sell’ the idea.


In an alternate history where WW1 lasted much longer and concluded with a world peace agreement, utopia settled in. But nature altering technology fails, forcing the Earth into a new Ice- Age where two brothers are faced with survival in extreme conditions and are hunted by feral monsters.

Below are each concept from the trailer in order of appearance…

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