The name of my final year project is called ‘C-Netic Project‘ where I create and develop concept art pieces for my project. My idea is to create ideas for a ‘battle royal’ type of game where the characters are based on animals. Each character will be linked to a company called C-netic Project where they focus on creating advanced tech and prosthetic parts.

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When creating the characters, I wanted to focus on how they will look like to resemble the chosen animals. Making these characters I had to keep in mind the artsyle keeping it consistent so they will look like they are from the same world.

Character: Lance – Swordfish

Lance lived the life of a fisherman catching many types of fishes. One day he fell into the sea while trying to catch a broadbill and was attacked by sharks losing both his feet and his left arm. Saved by a couple of broadbills he was sent to C-netic Project to help him get back on his feet.

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Character: Martha – Mantis

Caught in an accident, Martha lost both her legs in an explosion in an attempt to kill the CEO of C-netic project. After gaining conscious, she finds herself in pain realising that her legs are missing. Standing at the side of her is the CEO of C-netic project. He has told her about the explosion and that it was used to sabotage her from killing him and that she was betrayed. Enraged and lost in words, the CEO gave Martha a chance to reconcile and to work for him to find out who wanted him dead

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Character: Gate – Alligator

Gate is an unknown character as it has been said that he was found living with alligators in a lake. Scientists have been testing and examining Gates strength and abilities as he is 7.6ft tall. He is a lot stronger than you think.

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Character: Paje – Porcupine

Paje is a mercenary who now works for C-netic Project as she was given a bionic arm and a gun-blade to use to fight against enemies.

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Character: Pegi and Gegas – Armadilo/Pangolin

Created by one of the greatest mechanic engineer, Gegas is a giant mech used to protect people and is piloted by Pegi.

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