Life as we know it

This project showcases life in lockdown, particularly being trapped and feeling the need to escape.

Each image shows different ways of feeling trapped; The self-portrait shows myself trapped inside a jumper, almost as if i’m being suffocated. The expression on my face also indicates boredom by being trapped with my own thoughts. My abstract image shows light trying to break through into the darkness, like trying to find light in dark situations. My landscape image gives off the sense that I am looking to the skies for some sense of escapism but still being trapped by manmade objects.

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In this piece of audio I talk about getting back into normal life after spending weeks in lockdown. I interview my sister to get her thoughts on going back to school and how she has found spending the last five months stuck together as a family.

Katie is a young copywriter from Redcar, she has spent the last four months working from home in Lockdown. She also suffers from anxiety. This is her story.

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