Sunrise Steetley Beach
Hello, Solstice Sunrise (21 June, 4.29am, 2020)

I am lucky to live by the coast, with the beach just over a 20 minute walk from my house, I captured this picture at 4.29am on Sunday 21st June at Steetley Beach/South Crimdon Beach, probably Hartlepool’s most remote beach, I counted only 4 people on the beach that morning. The Sun only showed it’s face for about 10mins that morning before disappearing beyond the clouds for much of the day, and then the rain came. So was glad to have caught the official first day of summer, so the druids tell us.

Sunset Steetley Beach
Goodbye, Solstice Sunset (21st June 9.44pm, 2020)

I walked back that evening to catch the sun saying goodbye, hampered slightly by clouds, but the vastness of the sky and beach made for a good photo, the darkness and patterns of the sea and fret really make this photo I feel.

Steetley Pier Dayglo
Solstice Abstract of Steetley Pier (21st June, 2020)

This is Steetley Pier, an abstract photo from underneath, love the repeating patterns of the structure and beams, but each section of wood or metal has it’s own shadows and features. Having a play with adjustment layers in Photo shop, I decided to look at making it other wordly and sort of space like as if visiting another planet, the pink and green giving great constrast.

Location: Steetley/South Crimdon Beach, Hartlepool, County Durham

All photos taken with a Samsung S10+ Mobile Phone in full Screen and pro mode, edited and cropped in Adobe Photoshop CC using Adjustment Layers, Raw Camera Filter, Cropping, Scale and Rotate tools.

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