Life Under Lockdown Part 1: Turning old into new, a visual yarn

Living in lockdown has given many people new opportunities to spend time learning new skills or practising usually-neglected hobbies and interests. This series of images depicts a recent craft project I found time to undertake.

During a recent rainy Saturday,  the combination of an overstuffed wardrobe and the need for a new bedroom rug was the call to action I needed for a few hours of inspired recycling.

I was able to use my (limited) abilities in crochet to put into put into practise one of my mottos in life;  always try to give old items a new lease of life before throwing them away.

First, I identified all the faded and misshapen t-shirts that were ready for the bin, and started shredding them to create jersey yarn. Next, I found a crochet hook and half a ball of wool from an earlier abandoned project, and then I got cracking!

By late afternoon, I had made a start on creating my beautiful new bedroom rug from a bunch of old clothes. Nothing wasted, nothing spent, no carbon emissions, nothing in landfill. Happy days!


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