Descending Game Design Doc

Descending was my first shot at a game pitch in full and on my own. With a prompt of using 2000s films to make a game, I’d originally bounced about with many ideas as the 2000 gave many good films. In the end, I settled on the film The Descent and I took to work making the game. I really enjoyed working out the nitty-gritty gameplay details for this; how each mechanic – inspired by the film- would then blend together to create cohesive gameplay. I also got to go into research for cave systems, their inhabitants and overall learn new things that I never would have without this direction for my game. I also had to get creative in how I wanted to present my work and create a round about way to illustrate my ideas while being weak skilled in the art department. I got to learn a lot about my personal work style and creative stretch during this project and it helped solidify in my mind the love for pre-production and gameplay design.

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