Are you a young adult who drinks alcohol?

94% of people in our survey said they enjoyed a drink.

A recent Tuxtra survey, completed by 90 people,  found that 94% of young adults aged between 18-24 said yes to drinking alcohol.

Alcohol is also known to be a causal factor in more than 60 medical conditions.

One big health problems drinking can cause is depression. Drinking to improve your mood or confidence can have the opposite effect and worsen your experiences all together. 

With so many negatives of intoxicating the body, it’s important to familiarise yourself with the benefits of reducing your alcohol intake.

Advance Public Health Practioner, Rachel Burns from Middlesbrough Council, explains why she thinks young adults drink alcohol.

She said: “Young adults drink for a variety of reasons, peer pressure can sometimes play a big part in it. For those moving away for university, it is a time of big change and meeting new people.”

“Drinking alcohol is something that often goes hand in hand with social events while in university, and people will often drink to help them relax and give them confidence.”

Students starting university should limit their alcohol intolerance for their own benefits.

Rachel said there is a lot to  gain from drinking less alcohol.

She said: “Drinking less alcohol will save  you money, save your health and always be able to remember the night before!”

Teesside University Harriet Dryden said she could be encouraged to drink less alcohol.

The  21-year-old  said: “If there was less student events on every night of the week I wouldn’t be encouraged to go to them all.”

Harriet Dryden

Student Georgia Arksey, 25 said: ” I could be encouraged by doing an activity or event that didn’t have drinking involved.”

Georgina Arksey

Our survey showed that 41 out of 44 students said yes to drinking alcohol.

Rachel said we can help young people to not drink by removing alcohol from social events.

She said:  “I think we should have more social events that are not centred around alcohol that are targeted at young adults.”

“I also feel that some people are not fully aware of the impact a heavy drinking session can have on their body, so more education around this would also be beneficial. ”

Detoxing from alcohol can help the body get more efficient sleep making people such as students have more energy for the next day.

With less drinking events and more education maybe young adults can be encouraged to drink less.






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