Drive By Santa was a commissioned project from the Derby College staff and one that game from our main lecturer as a passion project he’d always wanted to work on. As a class of 19 students, the game was given to us fully to build from the brief; a drive by shooter themed around Santa. I was intrusted with the Lead Design role, one that saw me undertake all designing pre-production roles from the linked games design document to the level designs. I also worked along side the concept artists of the group to get out the inspiring art for our artists. As the weeks turned to production, I took on a large managerial role, overseeing everyone’s work and making sure it would all fit together as 10 artists each worked on their own assets.

During this project not only did I get to work with my fellow games students, but also a handful of students from the media team who graciously offered their free time to help create the trailer that would be shown across two college campuses in an attempt to promote the week long charity event. Over the five day span, we managed to raise money for the Shelter charity; as chosen by our lecturer and commissioner. Over these days, it felt like a continuous pitch of our game to anyone who passed our temporary stall. This was a time where I got to stretch my social skills and through it I got to learn a lot about myself and the best way to market to other peers.

Through this project, I found a block that I had never thought about before; rejecting. As the team leader, there was a handful of times where I had to reject artwork for the game due to it not fitting the theme. When first faced with this, I disliked the thought and spent along time pondering for the politest way to let the artists down. However, things were never that simple.

While the project is around three years old at this point, I am still proud of the work we did, not only on the game, but also my self progress and in the end, the money we raised for a good cause.

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