Everlasting is a three man project created as my last assignment in college and my first fully fledged game. In it, I got to flex my gameplay mind and design four of the six puzzles through the game, how they would all link and also some asset creation. It was through this escape room game that I first realised my love for the puzzle creating and further more, the enjoyment of watching others struggle and overcome things that I helped to create. It was during these beta tests that I was fully pulled into the interest of how everyone solves puzzles differently, think differently. We put in puzzles that could both be figured out in game, but also gave a gamer with a wider knowledge a helping hand without them realising it. Watching one of the testers stumble upon a correct answer while fumbling with one of the puzzles brought a smile to my own face as he shouted in joy and surprise.

The team; me(designer), an asset creator and a coder was one that felt perfectly well and we all dabbled in each others areas with the support of the team. The time spent working on the game was one of my most enjoyable as I felt like an equal rather than a need to lead or be lead. I also got to stretch my coding skills through the dining room puzzle and my asset creation and rigging through the piano animations.

With this, I was able to catch a glimpse of what could be possible with a cohesive team and I decided I’d never enjoy working alone as more as I did working with peers of a like mind.


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