These are a collection of maps I made in this group project work. It was a platformer where the character could morph into a ball and travel using a grapple hook mechanic. (NOTE: I, Kai Rees, made the levels/ collectibles/ spawn points/ environmental hazards [falling floors]. I DID NOT make the player nor the AI and mechanics in the game.)

First I made a basic level to test out any mechanics we where gonna use or scrap:

Then I started making different types of levels with differing themes to see if there was a “winning” style/ approach we wanted to go:

Once we picked out what we liked I created the last level using what was liked and made a level I beloved would meet our objective “fun comes first”:

The style of this map was designed to let the target audience to let there imagination go wild. Not only through how to complete the level but to possibly use the level as a “stage” playing with the mechanics and AI like toys littered all-over a child’s room in a creative mash.

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