Here is a collection of a few games that I have created over my 2nd year at Teesside University. The source code for all (with the exception of the 4th project as I am still working on it) is available on my github page.


First Project – OpenGL Model Loading, Lighting and Terrain Generation.

This was the first time that I have used OpenGL ordone any graphics programming and I would say that this may have been my favourite module this year. I really enjoyed learning the intricacies of OpenGL. This video specifically shows Model loading, Gouraud Shading and Terrain Generation using Height maps.


Second Project – C++ Game Engine

For this project I created a very basic 2D game engine. I learned a lot in this module, from blitting, collisions, AI and (most importantly) optimisation. This project was done using SFML.


Third Project – Global Game Jam 2021

This project was not part of a module this year, this was instead part of the Global Game Jam 2021. The theme for this years Game Jam was ‘Lost and Found’ so I decided to make a Where’s Wally game with intentially bad programmer art.


Fourth Project – Journey Man

This is an early look into my final project of my 2nd year. This is a team project where we were tasked to created a vertical slice of a game. My responsibilites in my team included:

  • Being a lead Programmer
  • Being the build master, setting up our source control and managing our repository
  • Creating the AI
  • Working on some of the bi weekly presentations.


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