Teesside University is known for its diversity and multiculturalism.

Around 4,000 international students are studying at Teesside University coming from all over the world.

The international community here is very integrated.

There are a couple of international student societies at the university such as the Indian Society, Nigerian Society, and newly established Pakistan Society.

There are lots of events for international students at Teesside, for example, the international welcome party that took place in September or the more recent Diwali festival.


International Celebration event

With such a big international community, there are plenty of events that bring cultures and people together.

The international welcome party met with a lot of success, so the university has organized another event on a bigger scale.

The International Celebration  welcomed hundreds of international students on campus.

The free event started at 5 pm from street food in the campus heart.

There was a good choice of food, from fast-food to Indian cuisine, and of course students’ favourite Gregg’s van.

The university provided food, hot drink, and doughnuts vouchers for each student.

The night was full of attractions.

The circus show started at 6.30 pm and drew a lot of attention.

Magicians were playing with fire and making amazing tricks.

People could also enjoy a breath-taking acrobat performance.

While the show and food stalls on campus brought many people together,  fun activities were happening inside the Student Union as well.

Students were having a great time playing table tennis on the first floor.

There were also henna and face make-up stalls in the Loveit lounge.

After the circus show, most students made their way to the second floor in the SU where local artists were performing live music.

Apart from all attractions mentioned above, there was a game zone on the second floor offering various types of games such as dancing, air hockey, and many more.

But can you really say you attended a party if you don’t take a photo to remember it?

The organizers provided a photo booth with funny accessories to put on to make sure you get those funny photos!

The whole night was full of joy, fun, partying, smiles, and beautiful performances.

A lot of people coming from different countries attended the event and exchanged knowledge about different cultures.

It was an amazing experience to see so many people integrating and making new friendships.

The International Celebration was another successful event so hopefully, we can expect more in the future.







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