The purpose of the application is to help homeless people gain access to services such as food banks, shelter and, jobs, etc.

After development of the application, the system can be rolled out to town centres, where homelessness is rife. The homeless people will be able to book job interviews, call emergency services, find and book shelters

The main technology being used in this study is Microsoft PowerApps to develop the application. This is because it is a low code software meaning quicker and easier development. Additionally, Microsoft Power BI will be used for the analysis of homelessness data. Following on from this, Python was used to create a web scraping code to allow the automation of data collection as a data source for the application.

The application is designed to make it easy and simple for the user to gain the information needed. It takes no more than 3 clicks to get to the information required. As shown, a simple home screen has been mocked up to show what it could look like. To ensure proper maintenance can be carried out there is be an admin section that is password-protected..

The Office for National Statistics website offers a big insight into the current state of homelessness as well as the support the government is showing to reduce those figures. Upon reading the statistics it shows that younger people, mainly those aged 18-24 are at a higher risk of becoming homeless than older people. This is an appalling statistic and even more shocking was they stated the amount of people accepted for housing duty had decreased by 29% – 16,820 accepted between April 2012 and March 213 down to 12,020 between April 2017 and March 2018. (Carty, 2019)


Cost – If the project was to be implemented in a live setting there would be certain costs incurred.

Maintenance – Who would maintain the system and update if needed?

PowerApps limit – Soft limit of 500 rows and a hard limit of 1000 so after some time data would have to be deleted.








https://tuxtra.co.uk/wp-content/uploads/2020/06/Viva.mkv <— this link will allow you to watch a video walkthrough I created. if the link doesn’t work click the video walkthrough hyperlink below:

Video walkthrough

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