MazeEscape Reflection Report

Prototyping was something that I wasn’t exactly looking forward to going into this project, that doesn’t mean I would not give it may all. While I had fiddled and played in UE4 before, the coding was not one I was particularly comfortable with. This top down shooter was an up hill battle and my first step was figuring out what type of game I wanted to make. To fit my skill set and what I could potentially learn in the time given, I set out with a basic plan based on simple games I enjoyed playing as a child and ran with it. There were many times I wanted to pull my hair out when dealing with bugs in the code; however I was able to persevere and bring to the table something that I wouldn’t have thought possible of myself when entering first year. Through this, I learnt some coding methods that have helped me keep later coding attempts simple and also helped me have a greater knowledge of UE4.

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