Walled In was my first attempt at a non digital game. It appealed to me on a crafty side, as well was the gameplay as it meant I could focus almost all of my effort on how the game would work. Making Walled In didn’t feel much like work as I would idea generate whenever I was left alone for too long and game testing in the initial stages had my housemates running about the main room or fumbling through random knowledge in their brains to make sure each challenge was plausible. I got to go through a handful of iterations this way, easily finding problems that may arise before they got too embedded into the game where I could not remove them. Going into this project, I hadn’t expected it to be as enjoyable as it was, and I was able to enjoy the creation and final product; even if it did come from some late night cut and glue jobs with a couple of my helpful roommates.

Sell Sheet

Rules of Play

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