Meet The Boro Fan From Down Under.

Middlesbrough livestreamer Ricky Charman (Image Inrictus)

An Australian man has spoken of his love for Middlesbrough FC and how he started supporting Boro despite being over 9,000 miles for Teesside.

Ricky Charman, otherwise known as ‘Inrictus’ or ‘ry’ has become a popular figure among  Boro fans,

which only begs the question of how the remote Middlesbrough live streamer became so recognizable.


With over 9,000 miles separating him and his beloved Middlesbrough, the 35-year-old has established his

online presence alongside the Boro community.


His streams and clips of his live ‘Boro watchalongs’ have spread across social media, showing his passion for the club.

“My attachment to Middlesbrough came around 2004,” He said.

“I wanted to be a goalkeeper and fell in love with Mark Schwarzer who was the Australian and Middlesbrough goalkeeper at the time.

“He became my idol and I watched everything he did.”

It was around that time the Premier League began to be popular around the World, however, it wasn’t easy to access overseas given the time difference, especially  to just watch Middlesbrough.

Ricky said: “It didn’t get much coverage, so I’d have to stay up until 1am and watch some highlights, and I’ve only fell in love with the club since.”

But thankfully Ricky can now watch the Boro through what the club offers to overseas fans.

“The time difference is a bit rough,” He said.

“Two in the morning  is a normal kick-off around my time, but the club accommodates me well through Boro TV as I pay for the season pass, or if it is also televised- it does cost me a fair bit, but it’s worth it because I love the club!”

Ricky’s military background also homed in his relationship with Middlesbrough FC,

“I visited the Riverside in 2009, it’s the only game I’ve ever been to,” He said.

“I was over there in a military exchange programme.

“I was in the military for 12 years and got the chance to go over to England and do some training and got to see Middlesbrough live.”

The veteran holds his experiences very close to his heart and is the main reason his social media channels begun.

‘Inrictus” found his own recognition by the club itself through his amassing social media which also gave him the benefit to speak to one his favourite Boro and Australian players.

Ricky said: “I think it’s amazing that the club recognized me and found my Youtube and invited me to talk to Riley, the Australian connection with the club is quite strong.”

“It was all about timing, I just love the club love the team and just support as loud as I can down here form Australia”

Click on the link below to hear more from Ricky.


You can watch all of Ricky’s content and social media channel at @Inrictus

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