Memento – Movie Themed Game Pitch

For this project I created a Game pitch inspired by Cinema classic; Memento.

The pitch is for a 2D puzzle platformer, with focus on world swapping. The pitch includes core gameplay mechanics, gameplay loops, Level breakdowns, and level walkthrough.

The core mechanic allows the player to switch between worlds, changing the player character, abilities, Level layout, and reducing vison. The player changes world, by interacting with pictures, and entering Leo’s “memories”

I designed the core gameplay around the core narrative aspect of the movie. *Spoiler Alert* Two different narratives about seemingly different characters, which turnout to be the same character.
My goal was to create similar experience for the player, to the one created by the movie. Similarly to the movie which changes the viewer concept of the story, characters, or even events, as new segments of Leo’s memories is revealed, I decided to create a mechanic, which puts the player into similar feeling of uncertainty and caution, as they explore the levels.

The main portion of the pitch was used to breakdown different section of the first level in the game, showcasing different player mechanics, level mechanics, challenges, and flow of the game.

During the project I not only learned more about level design, mechanics design, but how to come up with cohesive player experience, and communicate that design through graphs, flowcharts and pictures, in a form of a pitch.

The Pitch – Link

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