An umpire from Sunderland is on top of the world after recently returning from the United Arab Emirates to umpire at a national cricket competition.

Jordan Montgomery-Else who umpires in the North East Premier League was one of 13 officials from across the country to be appointed to stand in the competition over the Easter break.

Montgomery-Else has been umpiring since 13 years-old and has continued to progress through the ranks of local cricket starting in the Hetton Lyons Sunday League, Durham Cricket League and now the North East Premier League.

Jordan said: “Since starting out as an umpire, I have loved it.

“I played when I was younger but always wanted a go at standing in the middle, since taking it up I have very much enjoyed it and want to progress as far as I can.

“Umpiring in places such as Dubai, gives you the perfect chance to stand on the big stage.”

Jordan with umpiring colleague Barry Aitken.

The competition saw a wide range of  cricket teams from across the globe travel to the UAE including; Cheltenham, Rugby, Epsom and Australian side Gillespie Academy.

Nottinghamshire Cricket official, Sam Stringfellow was one of the umpires who travelled to the United Arab Emirates, he said:”I went into this adventure with a lot of excitement and wasn’t disappointed at all.

“This was a fantastic experience, with some very easy-going colleagues.

“The campaign enhanced my knowledge and understanding of other cultures.

“The adventure gave me an experience that most recreational umpires wouldn’t normally have, particularly the opportunity to umpire day/night matches under lights.

“The trip was very beneficial because as some colleagues alluded to, umpires and scorers don’t usually get a sufficient pre-season as most officials only manage a couple of games for pre-season at best.”

Check out the interview below with Jordan Montgomery-Else, speaking on umpiring in Dubai.

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