Performing Arts students will be using acting to get a serious message across to Teesside schoolchildren

Teesside University students are performing in a play highlighting the dangers of drinking alcohol during pregnancy.

The performance is set to take place in front of more than 600 Teesside school children in Middlesbrough Town Hall.

The play has been written by Dr. Sarah O’Brien, who is Principal Lecturer in the School of Computing, Media and the Arts, and ten students from the final year of BA Performance for Live and Recorded Media will be taking part.

The Teesside students are directing and performing in the play, Do as I do, My Love and are doing so for over 600 children aged 10-14 from local primary and secondary schools.

Do as I Do, My Love concerns the effects of Foetal Alcohol Syndrome (FAS), which causes physical abnormalities in infants, due to their mothers drinking alcohol during their pregnancy.

The story of the play revolves around Jess, a young carer looking after her brother, Nathan, who has FAS, and her relationship with her mother, Claire.

It aims to educate on the signs and spectrum of Foetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders (FASD), and how they can range from severe to almost unnoticeable.

The play was funded in part by Thirteen Housing and arranged with the help of Middlesbrough Council.

Do as I Do, My Love runs twice, on Tuesday November 20 and Thursday November 22.

Full Cast and Production List:

Narrator: Megan Tunstall
Jess: Bath Moore
Claire: Amy O’Leary
Margaret: Stacey Corner
Liam: Jon Juko
Jack: George Carr

Directors: Josh Griffiths and Oliver Sharp
Music: Matty Owen
Stage Manager and Understudy: Doug Winton

Secondary Schools Involved:

Outwood Academy Acklam
Outwood Academy Ormesby
Acklam Grange
MacMillan Academy
Trinity Cahtolic College


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