Ross Turnbull posing for a photo after an interview with volunteers from the MFC Foundation.

The media takes a lot of stick from footballers and their supporters over the course of a season.

But it appears to get its own back as it seems to amplify the pressure that footballers are under.

In some circumstances, they target specific players like England star Raheem Sterling was over the course of the 2018 World Cup.

The NewStatesman produced an article about this in May 2018 after the Sun published an article about Stirling’s new tattoo.

They reported that it wasn’t the first time they had been so negative about Sterling, showing examples of multiple occasion where they had done this.

Footballers like Sterling, are under a lot of pressure every week, Ross Turnbull describes how he coped with the pressure:

Ross claims that some of the pressure he faced as a player was media scrutiny.

Despite this, he goes on to say that he just tried to enjoy playing rather than think about the pressure he was under.

Some journalists feel that the pressure is there for a reason.

Matthew Nixon and Matthew Jones are sports reporters for BBC Tees, mainly covering Middlesbrough and Hartlepool United Football Club, and they put forward their views on the matter:

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