Every year millions of people  come together to commemorate Remembrance Sunday.

This year the Highmoor Bloodhounds has decided to hold a 100 horse march through Wynyard Hall near Stockton.

A Remembrance Sunday horse parade is taking place this weekend. Photo Credit: Phildaviesphoto

Its aim is to not only recognise the huge human sacrifice during times of war – but also  the equine one.

It will contain a service, parade and ride to commemorate the sacrifice of the Armed Forces, and acknowledge the loss of innocent civilians and animals.

The ride also raises funds for the Household Cavalry Foundation and Here4Horses Charity.

You can find out more about the ride in the video below:

Equines and War

Horses were first involved in the war in a British cavalry attack near Mons in August 1914.

Since then their sacrifices in the field of battle have been numerous.

Photo Credit: Phildaviesphoto

A large number of horses were also used to pull field guns.

In one day during the Battle of Verdun in 1916, 7,000 horses were killed by long-range shelling on both sides.

The Clydesdale breed of horse suffered heavy losses due to them being heavy horses often used to haul guns.

Many of the horses sent to war died due to exhaustion, drowning, becoming mired and falling into shell holes.

This resulted in 8 million horses and donkeys dying in World War 1 alone.

The Event

Photo Credit: Phildaviesphoto

The event is organised by the Highmoor Bloodhounds who hunt regularly around the North East following a human laid scent.

It takes place Sunday November 10 and starts at 10.45, horse passes are sold out but the event is open to members of the public to attend on foot and ample parking is available at Wynyard Hall.

You can find out more via the Facebook event page here.

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