A brief understanding of ‘A Stars Sign’

A stars sign is a collection of character concept art, illustrations and storyboards. The Final images will also be present in an art book, this could be used for an animation pitch or for a small portfolio of work that can be physically presented to potential employers.

The project is based around the zodiac astrology, using the uncommon 13th zodiac as the main antagonist. Due to the nature of the themes for this animation, the target audience will be 13 plus similar to shows such as ‘Rick and Morty’ and ‘South Park’.

Some skills that I have produced throughout this project are clear character designs, marketing and sequential art. I have also worked closely to an industry pipeline trying to recreate the method Adult Swim use when producing their storyboards.


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Storyboard Animatic 

I decided to work a little bit more looser on the storyboard than the industry standard so that I had time to produce a storyboard animatic.

I think overall this makes the storyboards more cohesive and helps the viewer understand the movement in the piece. I love the art of storyboard but producing an animatic as a final piece really fetched to project to life rather than a collection of images.



Click here to check out the art book!


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