Closed shop unit, Linthorpe Road Middlesbrough

In recent years online shopping has lead to a dramatic decline in people shopping on the high street.

This year alone there as been a huge rise in the closure of shops on the high street in Middlesbrough alone.

Figures show that since 2016 online spending has hit a percentage of 18.6 of total retail sales.

Although this figure isn’t huge, it is rising at an unstoppable speed which may result in more high street retailers closing their doors.

At Christmas time people are choosing to shop online rather than hit the high streets, whether this is because its easier, faster, cheaper or more effective.

This is having a huge impact on high street retailers big and small.

Charity shops seem to be taking over empty shop units, this is leading to a loss in sales in town centres.

The decline in high street shopping has dramatic affects on the local economy as more money is going to large online websites like Amazon and eBay.

Lynne Bone, Manager of Greggs in Middlesbrough

Lynne Bone, Manager of Greggs in Middlesbrough said: “After working in Middlesbrough centre  for 23 years I have seen a number of shops come and go.”

”Grainger games was one of the latest, lots of jobs were lost and it was a shame.

“I think its because people are finding things cheaper online than what they are in shops.

“I have noticed a huge fall in footfall in high-streets due to the decline in shoppers, the majority of shops closing seem to be gaming shops, clothes shops- department stores and furniture shops.

“It’s having a negative impact on all stores though, even as a bakery people are choosing to order their food on just-eat and other delivery websites rather than coming to the shop.”

Retailers that have gone into administration in 2019 include:

– Pretty Green- April 1

– Debenhams- April 9

– Select- May 10

– House of Fraser extended administration for another year- August 10

– Mamas&papas- November 8

These are just a few of the retailers that have struggled, others are still at risk.


Shops closing are leading to a loss in jobs as well as loss in the community, it’s causing a struggle everywhere.

So when you choose between ordering online and shopping on the high street think about what has the most benefits.

Do you want to cause a burden on your local community to safe a few extra pounds?





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