More people turning to exercise – a positive response to the lockdown.

Many people are making the most of their window outside to do more exercise.

In what only can be described as a dire situation for everyone, people are finding positives and many have begun to incorporate fitness activities into their lifestyles for the first time.

In a demotivating time for many, others are finding the motivation to get themselves out there and be active.

Walking and cycling have been the most common forms of exercise during this time.

TUxtra reporter Robert Doe spoke to Declan Agar, a current Newcastle University student, who has been motivated by the lockdown to do more exercise.


Jane Kennedy is currently a personal trainer

Teesside-based personal trainer Jane Kennedy  also thinks the current Pandemic has forced some people to do more exercise.

Jane said: “For many I think it’s definitely been a way for people to get out of their comfort zone, during this difficult time when gyms are closing even doing things as simple as walking are great.”

“Many of my clients have used exercise as a way of relieving stress.

“Exercise is more mental than physical so this has been a great way for people to not only feel physically but mentally strong also.

“In these times it’s especially important to keep on top of fitness.”

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