Hello There!

My name is Cameron Robertson, I’m a Visual Effects artist currently finishing my second semester of the BA (Hons) Visual Effects course at Teesside University. I’m very excited to be able to showcase some of the work I’ve done over the last few years, both personal, university-related and on a freelance basis.

Before proceeding, please take a look at my CV below, which details my freelance experience, software proficiency and educational achievements:

CV – Cameron Robertson

As illustrated, most of my work in the last year has been bound by an NDA, which prevents me from showing any material. However, please find below a one-minute show reel that illustrates my skills in 3D modelling, texturing, lighting, rendering and more:

Also, please feel free to take a look at my ArtStation account – a “digital sketchbook”, where I post some personal projects, ranging from Photoshop concept art pieces to Unreal Engine VR projects:


The following sections are going to be split into three sections: “Freelance”, “University-related” projects and “Currently working on”.


I’ve been working as a freelance VFX artist since my senior year of high school (late 2018) and, since then, have worked as a freelance between my education. From working on viral-hit short films, corporate sale ads to proof-of-concept feature films, I’ve always brought 110% to any given project.

Especially in the last year, the demand for artists to be able to work remote has surged. Consequently, it’s meant that most of my work is currently tied under an NDA. However, please refer to both my CV and Generalist reel to see some of my works.


Please find below material I submitted for semester 1 of my second year, which all gained an A-Grade:

Digital Compositing: 

On this module, I explored the use of DeepEXR in a Compositing workflow.  My work on this module gained me an A grade.

Digital Sculpting


For my Digital Sculpting module, I created a Cyberpunk-inspired sculpt of Count Dracula using the likeness of Christopher Lee. The above PDF submission gained me an A grade for my module.



Above is a short reel of current projects I’m working on –  a CG replica of the DeLorean from “Back to the Future”, a zBrush sculpt of the Batman cowl for the upcoming “The Batman” feature, and some further development on my CyberPunk Dracula sculpt.

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