Teesside Unleashed came to Middlesbrough to deliver another hugely successful convention.

Movie stars from Game of Thrones and Star Wars descended on Teesside University for the return of Comic Con.

The sold out event saw hundreds of people of all ages come together dressed as their favourite characters from the comic book world.

There was lots on offer throughout the day, from a cosplay masquerade and parade to classic movie props.

Visitors were also joined by costume characters and actors from Star Wars and Game of Thrones.

Transformers roamed the convention.
Sulley had a well deserved rest in between taking pictures with his fans.

Stars from Game of Thrones and Doctor Who attended the convention, with special guest appearances by Jimmy Vee, Clive Russell and Aidan Cook.

The actors took part in Q and A sessions as well as talking to fans while signing autographs.

Jimmy Vee is best known for his work as R2-D2 in the Star Wars franchise and as everybody’s favourite cyborg Zocci, Bannakaffalatta, in Doctor Who.

He said: “When you’re playing these creatures, people are relating to you as a character. When you’re playing yourself they’re relating to you.”

“The good thing about playing myself is I’ve not had to change anything, they take me for me. I love doing both.

“I like coming and talking to fans. It’s funny when you get the ones who know more than you. One time somebody could tell me exactly how many dots were on my face as a character!”

Scottish actor, Jimmy Vee, poses with his character.

He was joined by Aidan Cook, who has played many different creatures in the Star Wars and Doctor Who universes.

Cook was also recognised by the children in the audience for his wonderful Horrid Henry voices, from Rude Ralph to Miss Battle-Axe.

He said: “When I come to things like this it’s really nice to see that people are engaged with it. I like chatting to people.”

“It’s a funny thing being an actor. When you’re working it’s great and I’ve been very lucky to have such a big chunk of work.

“I’m really honoured that people are interested in what I do. People go to so much trouble. It’s just unbelievable.”

Aidan Cook spoke about the challenges of creature work, from claustrophobia to bathroom habits.

Clive Russell also attended, famous for his roles in The Wolfman and hit series Game of Thrones in which he played the warrior Brynden ‘The Blackfish’ Tully.

He spoke about what being a part of Game of Thrones was really like.

He said: “The remarkable thing about it was coming out into the world and realising you were part of something ridiculously visible.”

“I’m quite a shy person I think. I can remember being a very self-conscious adolescent but when I was on stage in front of people I wasn’t, I was something else.

“I love meeting people and meeting the people who dress up in costumes. When they come and talk to you they’re passionate about film and about a genre and I really love that.”

Clive Russell told the audience about life behind the scenes of Game of Thrones.

The costume masquerade was very popular, with cosplayers battling it out to be named best costume.

In the under-14 category, it was clear that the anime genre was the most well liked, with the majority choosing this style.

The over-14s were just as competitive as fantastic costumes were on display throughout the day.

People came to the convention dressed as classic characters.

The room was also filled with stalls selling geeky merchandise.

From costumes and cakes to cosplay weaponry, there was something for everybody at this year’s Unleashed event.

Teesside Comic Society also had a stall at the event, at which members of the group got the chance to show off their work.

The Zombie Survival School were selling a wide range of merchandise.

Sharon Hall, from Unleashed Events, said: “Teesside Comic-Con was a fantastic way to start our 2020 season of Unleashed Event comic-cons.”

“We had an amazing turnout of fans, families and cosplayers all coming along to enjoy the geeky fun and grabbing themselves some fantastic bargains and photo opportunities.

“Our three celebrity guests were very entertaining and enjoyed the warm Teesside welcome they received from fans.”

Teesside Unleashed will return in October for another epic comic con but if you just can’t wait until then, visit their website to see where they’ll be going next.

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