Celestial Divide is the name I chose for my final year project  in University. In this modal I chose to design an expansion for Final Fantasy 14. The main inspiration for this expansion will be astrology.

PDF version for a closer look at my work Ebook Version


I chose to design a new playable race named the Lun’Ta which branches into 2 tribes the Lowfield and the Highfield. The race itself is based of the Taurus star sign as the main theme of this expansion would be astrology. I took inspiration from real life cows when creating the characters mainly the Ankole-watusi for the Lowfield and the Highland cattle for the Highfield. When designing the new race I chose for them to live in a hot environment this meant designing clothes appropriate for the climate. I did a lot of research in to real world cultures mainly Gypsies and traditional Romanian clothing, I also created mood boards of existing clothing in Final Fantasy 14 which also took inspiration from Gypsies and traditional Romanian clothing to help tie my designs to the world of Final Fantasy 14.



I decided to create a city in the environment piece, the city had to be unique but also practical as players would be running around in it. To make the city fit into the environment I kept the colour pallet cohesive as you have to believe this city was created from local recourse.


The Boss

FF14 is known to have very creative boss designs and fights and I wanted to live up to that wow factor, like the character concepts the Boss design will also be based off a star sign. I ended up going with Aquarius. The reason being the main starting area would be a desert environment and  I felt it would be interesting for the main boss to be water themed a nice juxtaposition. A lot of thought went into the bosses story how commonly the Aquarius star sign is seen to be holding a pot of water, in my story she is trapped in the pot and your job as the player would help her break free.


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