Crochet makes a comeback.

by Mia Grange.

Bethany Green with her crochet designed hat.


A TEESSIDE woman has turned to an online marketplace to sell  her unusual hobby to a wider audience.

Bethany Green, a 20-year -old apprentice lab technician from Guisborough, shares her love of crochet through social media and sells her designs on Etsy – the online marketplace focused on handmade or vintage items and craft supplies.

Crochet is the process of creating textiles by using a crochet hook to interlock loops of yarn, thread, or strands of other materials.

Her unusual love for the art form was inspired by her grandma who used to crochet hats for her and her younger sister.

Bethany’s grandma bought her some yarn and a book with simple patterns to get her started.

In 2022 Bethany began studying Mathematical Physics at the University of Nottingham before leaving to pursue her career as a lab technician at Boulby Mine.

In between this, her interest in crochet grew and she set up an Instagram account dedicated to sharing her crochet skills.

“When people think of crochet they think of old grandmas, but I see more and more  younger people creating amazing stuff and  it’s nice to see it becoming more of a trend,” She said.

“I find it very therapeutic.

“I can sit and do it for hours without getting bored and I find it relaxes me after a long day.”

Bethany attended St Paulinus Primary School  in Guisborough where her interest for art originally stemmed from.

She started  painting, even personalising clothes with her art work, during her time at Prior Pursglove College in the town.

It wasn’t long before she soon started sharing her crochet and personalised clothing with her followers on her Instagram account.

Bethany hopes that by selling her crochet goods on Etsy she can inspire people to design their own environmentally-friendly clothing and cut down on ‘fast-fashion.’

To see more of Bethany’s  crochet, visit her Instagram account at



Bethany’s art work on clothing


Another crochet design.


One of Bethany’s crochet bag designs.




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