With Christmas just around the corner, you might be stuck on what to get your child this Christmas.

Here are 10 toys that look like they’re going to be very popular with children this year:

Barbie Ultimate Kitchen

Barbie Ultimate Kitchen is £44.99 at Argos.

Miniature cooks will enjoy playing with this amazing kitchen set that includes a pie mould, sandwich maker, five coloured doughs, and plenty of realistic working features, as well as Barbie herself.

Cra-Z-Slimy Creations Super Slime Studio


Cra-Z-Slimy Creations is £30 at Selfridges.

It’s every child’s dream to play with slime and create things with it so this will certainly entertain your child this Christmas.

If you’re a brave enough parent to get this for your child, make sure to put covers on the floor so your carpets don’t get ruined!

Lego Harry Potter Hogwarts Great Hall

This Lego Harry Potter set is £90 at Hamleys. This is the perfect gift for those that are a big fan of Harry Potter and love building Lego.

This isn’t just for building the Hogwarts Great Hall, it’s also for re-living favourite moments from the books and playing with favourite characters.

L.O.L Surprise! Pop-up Store.

This pop-up store is £29.99 from John Lewis & Partners.

L.O.L Pop-Up Store is all fun and games, you can keep the collectable dolls safe in the included pop-up store and you also have a stage provided for you to play with the dolls and make up your own show.

Laser X Twin Pack

The Laser X twin pack is available at Selfridges for the price of £50. This toy includes two Laser X guns and two receiver vests that register when you hit the target. This is a great game for those that love going to laser tag. You can have so much fun playing with these!

Monolpoly Fortnite Edition

Monolpoly Fortnite costs only £22.11 on Amazon.

This is a great board game for those that are obsessed with Fortnite, but also great traditional Monopoly fun for the whole family.

Paw Patrol Ultimate Fire Truck

The Paw Patrol Ultimate Fire Truck is £49.99 at Argos.

This is a great toy to play with, especially for those that love paw patrol.

It has flashing lights and sounds like a real fire truck. It also has an extendable ladder and crank arm; a perfect toy for helping Marshall save the day.

My Lovely Unicorn 12v Powered Ride On

My Lovely Unicorn is £189.99 at Argos, and it’s highly-rated on the Argos site.

Here’s an original ride-on toy designed by Feber as an upgrade to the rocking horse. This toy can move left, right, back, and forth with the use of her purple reins.

It’s great for those that love unicorns, and very easy to use.

Boxer Interactive Robot Buddy

Boxer Interactive Robot Buddy is only £43.99 at Argos. This toy can express a full range of emotions, from happiness to sadness, grumpiness to sleepiness.

There are ten activity cards included, which this is great because all you have to do is roll him over the activity card and you can play games with him instantly. This toy would most definitely keep your child entertained this Christmas.

Lego City Arctic Mobile Exploration Base Toy

Lego City Arctic Mobile Exploration Base is £69.99 at Argos. With this Lego City build you can build an arctic mobile exploration base with a lab, crane vehicle, ice saw, and snow bike.

This is a great toy for those who love to build with Lego and it even includes mini figures too.

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