If you want to see firebreathers, silly costumes and people having a laugh then get yourself down to a one Middlesbrough pub  this Halloween.

Independent German themed micro-pub Bier & Beer has everything you would ever want for a night out with your friends. Cheap, cheerful and a painful head in the morning.

Dangerous firebreathers will be greeting you.

Located on Albert Road, Bier and Beer has a range of events to even get Dracula boogying all night long.

Owner/Manager Michael Keen, originally a teacher for Trinity Catholic College,  has rapidly acquired popularity within the Middlesbrough area especially for students.

With his events such as Oktoberfest and Comedy Club nights going down a treat with locals and fellow University students.

This Halloween Havoc is the third instalment of events hitting the streets of Middlesbrough.

A live Music performance from an undisclosed band will start the night off lightly.

Playing songs old, new and themed to get everyone all ready up for the night they have ahead of them.

Would it really be a Halloween themed event if there was no competition element involved while having a few pints with your friends?

So don’t worry, there will be a classic costume competition for everyone to enter.

Prizes will be included for the winners of the competition, in which they range from free bar tabs to little medals.

Fancy dress is essential for this Halloween event.

Not only do they have a competition installed for guests but they also have two Burlesque dancers performing within the pub.

The secret performers are well experienced and also award winning when it comes to their fantastic performances.

But don’t expect Christina Aguilera to be cutting some shapes while you are enjoying your night.

Bier and Bier Owner Michael says there will be lots of things for people to enjoy on the night.

He said: “Halloween weekend for pubs is a huge weekend for us.”

“With all the carry on with restrictions¬† and masks people just didn’t enjoy their time out last year.

“We had a tough year in 2020 so we thought we would do something a little bit more different and let people have fun.

“There is a great potential of revenue for the pub as well and just simply getting our name out there more, so everyone knows where to come for a great stein or even a cocktail or two, you know it’s just what everyone needs and I hope it will be fun for everyone”

This event is sure to be a fun treat for everyone that is attending.

All your classic beverages will be available such as Staropramen and Blue Moon.

Cocktails will be two for £10 with three very special and new spooky cocktails available for this event only.

The event will start at 8pm on October 30 and finish at 2pm and tickets are available from £7 on their Facebook Page @Bier&Bier  :

A selection of pilsners, crafted to your liking


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