Have you got a tattoo you regret?

Have you ever been with your mates, had a few too many drinks and decided you should get a tattoo?

But you wake up the next morning and instantly regret it.

A cartoon character, your favourite alcoholic beverage or something that just doesn’t make sense. What do you do? It’s a tattoo, permanent ink, a lifelong commitment!

Nearly everyone has a tattoo they wished they never had, and with the rise of programs such as Channel 4’s “Tattoos Fixers” and MTV’s “Just Tattoo of Us” pulling in millions of viewers a week, has getting a tattoo become not so permanent or regrettable?

Tattoo artists  in Middlesbrough have seen a rise in people asking for cover ups or laser removal.

Mikey, a tattoo artist at the award winning Skin and Needles in the town, said: “Even I’ve got plenty of regrettable tattoos.”

“Most are mates just doodling on my legs, getting their practice in and yes, some of them I wish I never had.

“A can of Fosters, McDonald’s logo and “Ya Da Sell’s Avon”.

Dom’s Rainbow “Arc-En-Ciel” Tattoo

Dom has a holiday tattoo that went wrong.

He said: “Three mates and I went on holiday to Magaluf, lads away and all that.”

“I had a bit too drink and stumbling about, found a child’s wooden toy piece on the floor, it was a Rainbow with the words “Arc-En-Ciel” on the bottom (French for Rainbow).

“We don’t know why but we thought it would be a great idea to get it done.

“It clearly wasn’t as you can see. You can’t even tell what it is or what it says. Definitely not my greatest tattoo.”

Dom showed off a few more including a “T” for Teesside scrawled on his hip as well as “Every Night” along his side.

He is seeing a lot of people on Teesside coming in with tattoos they regret having done

He said: “Exes names, 90’s tribal and friendship tattoos are the number one cover-ups.”

“We’ve had some people get a tattoo done one week and before it’s even healed properly, come back and asked for it to be covered up.

“It’s something that you can’t do until it’s healed.”

Tattoos have been around for thousands of years but yours doesn’t have to be.

Otzi the Iceman , a 3350bc mummified body found in the 1990’s, had 61 tattoos.

Have you have an awful tattoo? Have you regretted any inking’s? Let us know!



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