Fancy a walk through a scary Teesside wood for Halloween?


Scream Factory
Andy Tate (Right) The Scream Factory Casting Director.

Are you wondering what to do to get your fair share of scares for Halloween this year?

Why not experience  a walk through a dark wood where all sort of horrible creatures await you.

Scream Factory has organised a special Halloween event where you and your friends can take a walk in a wood near Redcar and get frightened out of your wits as famous characters from horror films jump out at you.

A lot of the Scream Factory set is based on famous horror films, including the likes of ‘Stephen Kings IT’, ‘Nightmare on Elm Street’ and many more.

Andy, the Casting Director, said: “We want our customers to feel like they are walking onto a Hollywood movie set when they walk through the Scream Factory gates.”

“With the use of very talented actors/actresses, Scream Factory is able to give their customers the experience they want.

“From all of the special effects high-quality acting, and set building, we aim to achieve the best and most memorable scares and thrilling experiences.”

After the pandemic last year, Scream Factory has opened their doors to the public for the first time since 2019.

Andy said: “During COVID-19 in 2020 we had to cancel our event two weeks before our opening night.”

“We had not been working since the spring of last year which costs us a lot of money that we lost.

“The pandemic hasn’t changed Scream Factory’s identity, or what we aim to achieve, but it has changed our thoughts on health and safety.

The Scream Factory Cast.

“With 20,000 people coming through our gates each season, we have to make sure that everyone feels as safe and comfortable as we possibly can.”

Andy’s older brother, Stephen Tate, came up with idea for Scream Factory.

Andy said: “Stephen had the idea many years ago as he was brought up in Blakey Close in Redcar, less than one mile away from the current site.”

“After a family trip to America the decision was made after seeing the Halloween haunts over there.

“Steve also had a fire and flood restoration company and wanted to give his employees more work during quiet periods.”

So, why spend your hard-earned money on Scream Factory this year?

Andy said: “I think people should spend their money at Scream Factory because we have a huge team that works very hard on all the sets for most of the year.”

“We provide a safe environment for the thrill-seeking and we pay close attention to the little details which make it even more of a memorable experience for all those who come to Scream Factory.”

So, why not visit Scream Factory in Redcar for the  fun yet terrifying walkthrough Kirkleatham woods this October.

Scream Factory offers a range of different tours to help attract different audiences.

This includes; The Extreme Tour, the traditional tour, The VIP Tour, and the Children Twilight Tour.

With prices ranging from £8.00 for the Children Twilight Tour, £20.00 for the Extreme Tour and £30.00 for the VIP Tour.

Scream Factory has officially opened and the event is taking place every night until  November 1


Andy on the Scream Factory Set.





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