Middlesbrough Town Centre

Middlesbrough is an old industrial town located in the North East of England.

Up until the 2010s, Middlesbrough’s public buildings and facilities have seen little renovation meaning they can be difficult to access for disabled people.

It was only in 2012 that the bus station had a major upgrade, including improvements to the accessibility for disabled people by creating low floor access at the majority of stops, as well as the reconstruction of the concourse and part reconstruction of the ramps.

Whilst the train station has had a couple of recent upgrades, nothing has massively changed since World War II.

Gemma Hall has been a disabled resident in Teesside for a number of years, and regularly uses the town centre and its transport.

As mentioned in my article titled, “How Disabled Friendly is Teesside University?“, Gemma has Spastic Quadriplegia Cerebral Palsy affecting all four of her limbs.

She has had this all her life but it doesn’t stop her doing everyday things, like taking public transport, shopping and socialising.

Does Gemma think that Middlesbrough’s public buildings and facilities need to improve its accessibility for wheelchair users?

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