Middlesbrough car park and petrol station

We only have one planet and the call to help is rising rapidly.

With the degradation of the earth it is said that, in 30 years, 70% of the Earth’s surface will be suffering severe impacts of man’s activities. Destroying all the natural left overs of the world with roads and cities.

From plastic destroying the oceans to greenhouse gases effecting the global temperatures. The whole country is worrying about today’s climate emergency. A huge issue that not everyone is totally aware of.

Today’s average climate temperature is 15C. Even though it is constantly changing up and down, the current period suggests that it is warming up more rapidly.

The growing emissions of carbon dioxide are driving the earth’s temperatures up. The release of the CO2 into the atmosphere causes the oceans to become more acidic.

This impacts massively on the coral reefs, which is one of the main suppliers of oxygen. Ocean plants produce up to 85% of the oxygen we breathe, showing the need for help is real.

Changes are needed.

How can towns and cities help make a difference?

Middlesbrough is one of many towns trying to make changes that will help the environment. This is to keep it protected and overall a healthy and accessible place to live.

Matthew Storey, who is the Leader of the Middlesbrough Labour group at Middlesbrough Council,  said: “Looking after the environment is the biggest issue that we face as a society. Climate change and global warming is so important and it needs tackling.”

“We have climate change policies in place to help change the way that we live. From the goverments emergency, it is clear drastic action is needed. We want to seize the production of internal combustion engine cars to people using electric cars and use off-shore wind to help generate more energy.”

It is really important for towns and cities to give the public opportunities to make adaptations to their lifestyles. Without the facilities provided, people will be unable to adapt new changes to their lives.

The need to encourage people to be more sustainable and energy sufficient is important. Towns need to be promoting cycle-to-work schemes and providing more cycle routes and paths like Middlesbrough.

This can help reduce to amount of cars that are on the road. The more changes that are made the easier people can adapt.

Watch this video below to see how Middlesbrough is working to make changes to help  the environment.

So, what changes can you make in your lifestyle that will help reduce the rising of climate change?

Today, people are doing their best to help the environment to make it a more sustainable and eco-friendly. Having the ability to understand the ways it is effecting the earth can encourage more people to make subtle lifestyle changes.

One of the best ways to start helping is to reduce how much you use your car. If possible, walk or cycle to work and reduce the amount of fossil fuels that are being polluted into the environment.

Another way is to eat less meat and dairy. Meat and dairy production is responsible for 14.5% of climate changing gases. Start by cutting down by just having two meat-free days a week.

‘Friends of the Earth’ is a community that share many different ways of making changes to help the environment. They even include 8 lazy ways to becoming environmentally friendly to help simplify it down of everyday life.

Public bike path in Middlesbrough

Pippa Maychell, a biomedical student from Darlington, has been making changes to her life since 2017 when she first became a vegetarian.

She said: “I kept seeing all these figures on my course of clear evidence of the effect that humans are having on climate change and the big difference that has been happening to the environment over the past couple of years. As well as, the projection for the future and seeing photos on my Facebook.”

“I did my own research and started to swap out plastics and other non-recyclables (reusable water bottle/coffee cups, tote bags, bamboo toothbrushes/Q-tips, metal straw, bamboo clothes and food wraps). I started to change things over time – not straight away.”

Making just little changes in your own lifestyle can help potentially save the environment. Many people don’t realise that by making small changes can make a difference.

Pippa said: “I’ve tried to cut down on things like my paper usage at university by using my laptop, making sure I turn off plugs and lights etc. ”

“I walk/cycle a lot more than I used to since I live in a city, as well as, only buying second-hand/slow fashion. Most recently, I have taken to composting my leftovers and using the compost products on some of my outdoor plants.

“Don’t worry about making mistakes or not “jumping in at the deep end”, everyone is on a different journey and should reward themselves for every step they make towards bettering themselves.”

With changes being made in towns such as Middlesbrough, it can help make it easier for people to adapt to a better way of living.

Taking small but gradual steps will have a positive impact.

What changes will you be making to your lifestyle to save the environment?

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